The way I work

I would like to invite you to the photo session both in my photographic studio in Cracow and outdoor.
If you look for a photographer who works in an effective and discreet way to make your dreams about the business or family photo session come true – feel free to contact me




  • Please don’t call me if you are only interested in the lowest price. On the other hand, I can assure you that you’re going to get the pictures of the highest quality for a good, affordable price. Is that what you are interested in? – I cordially invite you
  • If you measure the photographer’s commitment with the amount of hours spent in the studio or outdoor (even if it’s totally unjustified) – don’t bother with calling me… Many years of professional experience I had gathered during my practice made me be able to work in a fast and effective way. I finish the photo-shoot as soon as I am sure that I’ve already had the needed materials which can satisfy both my client and me as a photographer – this is what you pay for.
  • Moreover, if don’t want to wait for weeks or months for the processed pictures – please call me as soon as possible – I am not used to creating the photograph with the computer graphics or Photoshop to make them look good. The retouch is to be just the finishing phase. It does not constitute the essence of the whole process of taking photographs. Only small alterations are allowed to enable to discover and present the beauty of a model. I don’t agree with the statement that some people are not photogenic. That may only seem to be true because of using inappropriate light or can be a result of the photographer’s fault. The truth is that some people appear to be ‘easier’ to be photographed but the photographer’s mission is always to discover this beautiful shade of every person. Everyone has their amazing piece of beauty and this is way everyone should feel invited – the photo session can become a unique memento for the whole life or an excellent present – for instance, for an eighteen birthday, a bachelorette party or a buck’s night.


I cooperate with the professional stylists and make-up artists such as for instance: Magdalena Tracz, Daria Bielicka, Karina Czapla, Weronika Gwiazda, Asia Sliwińska, Asia Cieśla, Ella Gajewska. The Chmiest Academy of Hairdesign team will take care of you hair if necessary. As far as your image is concerned, we can create and make your vision real including the stylization of the given character or époque. There is also the props room full of variety of objects that can be useful during the photo-shoot at my models’ disposal. You can find the props such as a boa, different outfits and hats to enrich your posing.


Don’t hesitate to write to me (the e-mail address given below) or call me (the phone number also presented below)
508 360 054