Schibsted Tech Polska used Pawel Wodnicki as event photographer on our Partner Day. Pawel delivered top quality photographs from the whole day – and a much larger selection than we expected. He managed to catch the moments of the day in a superb way and also took great care to make sure that all participants were included in some shots. Photos were engaging and captured the enthusiastic atmosphere of the event extremely well. Participants were without exception enthusiastic about the photos – and there is no doubt they contributed significantly to making the event successful.
John Einar Sandvand
VP, International projects at Schibsted Norway


To comment on the shots I would like to use my agent’s words. She saw the pictures and said: ‘Those photos look like after spending about two days in a photographic studio’ – whereas we’ve spent an hour… Thanks, Paweł’
Sebastian Fabijański


Krakow – Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter of the city – here you can find a photographic studio you should visit. It is his owner who creates the unusual and unique atmosphere of the place. A perfect professional, a great man, a friend. He is energetic, diligent, trustworthy and kind. An author of the true masterpieces. Would you like to get persuaded? – come round – certainly you won’t be disappointed and you’ll visit the studio again.
Wojtek Trela


His pictures are my favourite ones!  The true artist and professional. In addition, a regular, nice guy! I wish you could work professionally with such a great photographer like Paweł. Thank you and see you during next photo session.
Bartek Waga


Working with Paweł Wodnicki is a pleasure. He’s been creating very nice atmosphere since the beginning of the session. Nevertheless, he’s revealed very professional attitude while working. Worth mentioning is the fact that our expectations and requirements were quite special taking into account our profession – a classical string quartet. Paweł Wodnicki has presented the unusual artistic taste and resourcefulness. All those facets of his work made the final results better than we’d expected.
Basia, Ela, Kasia i Magda – Amber Quartet


I came across the project ‘W kontrze’ accidentally, while going through the Internet files. Some of those project pictures became the part of our company calendar for 2014. Several photos I found attracted my attention because of their artistic dimension, the subtle facet and both the resourceful and perfectly created convention. Clearly, they were taken by the same photographer, since they were revealing the same craft and vision. Luckily, finding the author of the photographs was easy. Paweł Wodnicki appeared to be a professional in every meaning of this word… He made lots of valuable comments on the final shape of the calendar and I really appreciate that. Both the photographic materials and the whole idea were verified and confirmed then by our clients’ enthusiastic reviews.
Krzysztof Cieśliński
The director of RECTUS POLSKA Sp. z o.o. (RECTUS POLSKA limited liability company)


GRY-Online S.A. have been cooperating with Paweł Wodnicki’s photo studio since January 2013. This cooperation has resulted in the comprehensive photo sessions conducted in order to accomplish marketing goals of the Company. Those actions embraced such tasks as organizing the outfits, hiring models and make-up artists.
The company can assess the results of the mentioned cooperation as very positive ones taking into consideration a few basic assets such as the overall professional level of the photo sessions. Apart from his professional attitude for work, also the photographer’s authentic commitment to meet all the client’s expectations is worth paying attention above all.
Paweł Wodnicki comes highly recommended and best confirmation of such an opinion should be the fact that GRY-Online S.A. are going to entrust him with the task of preparing next promo sessions.
Speaking for GRY-Online S.A.:

Michał Bobrowski
The member of the Management board


I had an opportunity to take part in the photo session with my kids in the photographic studio a few weeks ago. It was their first time with the professional photographer since I hadn’t been really keen on such events before. However, this one was definitely different. The photographer let the children be themselves neither pretending anything nor playing any imposed roles. The kids were allowed to play freely, dress up, change toys and outfits without being stressed out. They weren’t made to pose or smile in an artificial way. The kids had a great time! Moreover, the final effect was fantastic. Professional and unique pictures revealing my children’s genuine personality. Even this kind of simple theme session discovered the photographer’s artistic pertness of vision, talent and creativity. Really worth experiencing all of this again!
Alina Malarz


As far as our opinion is concerned, the photo sessions especially with children have been always associated with the artificial posing. Whereas, the photo session with our daughter starring has been completely different unique experience. The atmosphere has been excellent, we’ve felt as if at the playground and our child has had a very good time during the session. All those factors have resulted in brilliant pictures. Definitely, we’ve got an amazing memento.
Magda, Maciek i Emka