About me

I started my photographic adventure in the late 90s as a press-photographer working mainly in the field of press conferences and movie premieres. Meanwhile, I used to be focused on such areas as the computer graphics, creating websites, marketing, making music and even designing the stock exchange prospectus as a member of the IT company management board. Finally, I discovered my longing for the photography since this occupation is truly connected with freedom and I decided to take up the former passion again. This time, I’ve focused on the broadly understood portrait photography, commercial photographs, artistic nude photography and documentary pictures.




I am a prizewinner of many photographic contests (further details are presented here) and a member of the variety of photographic societies and associations such as the British one – The Royal Photographic Society. I am also an active user of the web portals oriented in the field of photography. I try to share my passion with others making them involved in the world of photography by the means of the photographic workshops that I run successfully both in Polish and in English.


PEOPLE is the key word in my comprehension of photography. I love immortalizing people by photographing them as much as cooperating with them, meeting people and getting on well with them.  To be honest, I am not this kind of loner taking pictures in solitude in the empty photographic studio. I can be empowered with the most creative vision while co-working with the professional team that I can rely on, when the set is vibrant with life. I have always respected my business partners and people I work with. I’ve treated them right in each facet of our professional relationship sparing no effort to create the positive atmosphere regardless of the kind of my models. My clients are equals in terms of their age, career and the personal status. Whether I photograph a star of the first magnitude, celebrities, a child or a professional model advertising a given product it does not make any difference to me. I always try my best.




While taking pictures of people I try to capture and expose their beauty. I do my best to discover and underline their beautiful side which is worth exposing. It is the model who should be happy with the pictures in the first place and I am satisfied when this goal is achieved. Being original is not crucial for me – I am able to sacrifice my artistic ego in order to make my client feel satisfied with the final effect of the photo session. Against the popular trends, I try to take photos in the way which doesn’t demand hours of processing. Moreover, I succeed in meeting this objective. This is way, my clients usually don’t have to wait for pictures very long, regardless of the sort of a photograph.  Taking a picture of the finest quality during the photocall is the factor of prime importance to me, irrespective the category of shots – portraits, advertising shots, photojournalism – so that the later photo processing could constitute just the icing on the cake – not the essence of the photograph itself.


EFFECTIVENESS is yet another essential term in my philosophy of photography. Years of professional experience I had gathered during my practice made me be able to work in the very effective way. I am used to avoiding unnecessary artificiality and making the photo-shoot or the photo processing too long when it is not indispensable for achieving the goal. Obviously, the overall amount of hours devoted to my client does not justify a higher price. In this case, clients pay for my knowledge and professional experience which can guarantee the top quality and work effectiveness in terms of the time needed to create the perfect photograph. This is way, lots of my best portrait photo sessions could last just 30 to 40 minutes and in spite of that fact, the final effect was able to fulfill both my model’s and my expectations.


After one of my photo session I got such a text message: ‘To comment on the shots I would like to use my agent’s words. She saw the pictures and said: ‘Those photos look like after spending about two days in a photographic studio’ – whereas we’d spent an hour… Thanks, Paweł’


My respect for people, ability to create such good atmosphere and my job quality have resulted in co-operation with many stars and celebrities. I’ve managed to capture the nature and beauty of many famous people with my lens. Up till now, my guests have been: Jan Peszek, Marieta Żukowska, Joanna Koroniewska, Aldona Jankowska, Justyna Kowalczyk, Maja Hirsch, Magdalena Turczeniewicz, Eryk Lubos, Krystian Wieczorek, Bartłomiej Topa, Sławomir Orzechowski, Michał Żurawski, Piotr Bałtroczyk, Bartek Waga, Michał Lewandowski, Wojtek Trela, Sebastian Fabijański and many more well-known faces.

I know how to make you be a star of your photo session – please don’t hesitate to contact me and make an appointment for the photocall!


Below, you can see some backstage movies: